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You have a Microsoft Exchange Online email account with a 100GB quota

Your Cambridge email address

Your @cam email address will be your [CRSid] 

The University, your College and Department will use this address to contact you, so please check your @cam email regularly.

Your @cam email account

Your Exchange Online email account is part of your University of Cambridge Microsoft account. 

Get your @cam email either by:

  • logging in to Outlook with your @cam email address and Raven password
  • setting up an email app on your personal devices

If you forget your Raven password, use self-service password recovery to retrieve it. If you didn't set this up, wait until you get to College and ask your IT staff for a password reset token.

Go to Outlook >

Set up your personal devices >

Set up your multi-factor authentication

When you log in to your Microsoft Exchange Online account for the first time, you will need to set up your second factors for authentication. Make sure you set up more than one to ensure you never lose access to your account.