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You have a Microsoft Exchange Online email account with a 100GB quota

Your Cambridge email address

Your @cam email address will be your [CRSid] 

The University, your College and Department will use this address to contact you, so please check your @cam email regularly.

Your @cam email account

Your Exchange Online email account is part of your University of Cambridge Microsoft account. 

Get your @cam email either by:

  • logging in to Outlook with your @cam email address and Raven password
  • setting up an email app on your personal devices

If you forget your Raven password, use self-service password recovery to retrieve it. If you didn't set this up, wait until you get to College and ask your IT staff for a password reset token.

Go to Outlook >

Set up your personal devices >

Set up your multi-factor authentication

When you log in to your Microsoft Exchange Online account for the first time, you will need to set up your second factor for authentication.