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Introduction to University Lookup Directory

Raven authenticate to see full information about Lookup

The University Lookup directory is a simple database containing information about every person and every University institution known to University Information Services, together with a small number of University-related institutions. This database is made available broadly within the University and affiliated institutions; exact details are in the Terms and Conditions. Individuals have the right to edit and control access to their personal data, and may choose to make individual items visible to the wider world.  Lookup functions as the primary online telephone and email directory for the University, and the printed telephone directory is based on the information in Lookup.

The directory holds information about people, about institutions, and about groups.

The data in the Lookup directory can be used in two principal ways: the information is available over the web to anyone with a Raven account, and also to systems on the Cambridge network via LDAP or via the web service API. Most mail clients have the facility to support an LDAP interface, and configuring your client to use the lookup service will provide you with a University-wide email addressbook with over 30,000 entries. The web service API provides access to all the data in the directory, including some data that is not present in the LDAP directory.