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We offer regular Drupal training sessions. Please see our training website for the exact dates, times and booking instructions.

Meantime, if you need help with managing a Drupal website, we would strongly recommend you to review our documentation and video tutorials.

Please look at the following sections:

  1. How to log in to a Drupal website
  2. How to create a new webpage
  3. Adding links
  4. Adding images
  5. Creating sidebar items
  6. Uploading files to Drupal

If you are working on the homepage, you might find the following instructions useful:

  1. Creating a carousel image
  2. Adding teasers

We are also offering a number of test sites where you can safely log in and try out your newly acquired skills. To request access to one of the test sites, please contact us at

If you have already reviewed our documentation and require any further help or guidance, we can organise additional one-to-one training session via Microsoft Teams.