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Who qualifies for a licence in the University's Microsoft tenancy

The University has signed up to a Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) licence. The licences we purchase under this scheme are only available for staff and students studying or working at the Collegiate University. A friend or relative of someone who qualifies is not eligible for a licence. Nor are people who are working solely for commercial entities outside of the University.

UIS centrally purchases Office 365 for staff in departments via the CHEST Software Subscription Fund. If colleges wish to have licences in the UIS tenancy, they must pay for them separately.

Office 365 licence levels

There are three licence levels under our EES agreement: A1, A3 and A5.

A1 A3 A5
Exchange Online licence (50GB mailbox quota) Everything in A1 plus: Everything in A3 Plus:
Word, Excel and Powerpoint via a browser Exchange Online licence (100GB mailbox quota) PowerBI Pro
Microsoft Teams PC/Mac versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint Teams Telephony

Licence allocation

  • Anyone with an active CRSid gets an account in Blue/Azure Active Directory. This allows them to authenticate to applications they've been given permission to use. (This is applies to any suitably configured application, not just Office 365.)
  • All current students, as reported by CamSIS, get a Student A3 licence.
  • Of the current staff (as reported by CHRIS) most will automatically get an A3 license with a few getting an A1.
  • Users who are not licensed automatically by CamSIS or CHRIS will need a manual licence allocation. The elligibility criteria for this is currently being reviewed.

Office 365 bolt-ons

Some products are costed extras to the standard Office 365 licence. These include:

  • Visio
  • Project
  • PowerBI Pro

UIS maintains a pool of licences for these products (funded by the CHEST Software Subscriptions Fund). Departments can request licences from this pool by submitting a service request in HEAT via the UIS Service Desk.

Departments must remember that although the department is not directly paying for the licences, the University is still paying for them on the understanding that they fulfil a genuine business need. Departments are expected not to request licences merely because they are preceived to be 'free' at the point of allocation.

UIS will monitor use of these bolt-on licences and, if we determine that a licence isn't being used, the user's licence will be unassigned.

Teams Telephony

We have established a link between the UIS Office 365 tenancy and the University's CallManager phone system. Users can request that their phone number is transfered from CallManager to Teams. To request this, please contact with the CRSid & phone numbers to be migrated. Institutions will still be charged the standard £5 telephone fee from UIS Telecoms as this will contribute towards the Teams Telephony licence.