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How to register your new staff and Academic Visitors

This registration scheme is for University and College staff (including Fellows) and Academic Visitors. It is not for students, who have their own registration scheme. 

Staff registration allows Colleges and Departments to tell UIS about incoming staff and Academic Visitors and have their CRSid and Raven account and, optionally, their email and Desktop Services accounts, set up before arrival. 

Passwords are collected via a web form as soon as the new member of staff or Academic Visitor arrives or, for unexpected arrivals, very shortly after arrival. 

Note that all incoming University staff are issued with CRSids. Most will get Raven accounts as soon as their details are received on the datafeed from the University HR system, CHRIS. The CHRIS datafeed often comes in after the new person has started. In this case, the CHRIS data will be matched to their existing Jackdaw registration information. 

Use the UIS User Registration Form for registering and reviewing registrations, and for advising UIS of staff leaving dates so their IT accounts can be cancelled.

Please note this form is only accessible to staff who have been designated as lookup editors for the institution. You will need to check with your local IT team or HR team, if you are unable to access the form. 

UIS Registration Form


Last updated: November 2022