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Wi-Fi (eduroam and UniOfCam-IoT)

A few Colleges provide their own Wi-Fi network. We provide access points in all University buildings and the rest of the Colleges for the University Wireless service: eduroam and UniOfCam. We recommend you use eduroam, where you have a choice between the two.

Wi-Fi logoeduroam

Set up your devices to use the 'eduroam' network around Cambridge, and they’ll connect automatically wherever they find it – it saves you having to log in every time. eduroam is an international initiative. You can also connect at other participating universities around the world, using your Cambridge credentials.


Connect to the internet


02 Create your network access token on the

UIS Tokens page


03    Set up your device(s):

eduroam settings > 


You can also connect to the UniOfCam Wi-Fi network using your CRSid and UIS Password.

UniOfCam-IoT: for connecting devices that can't use eduroam

You can connect personal devices that can't log in via eduroam – such as media streaming devices like Apple TV, smart speakers like Amazon Echo and printers – by setting them up on UniOfCam-IoT.

Connect personal devices to UniOfCam-IoT >


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