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Visitors and guests of the University can connect to our guest wifi using their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter

Visitors and guests can:

  • get free wireless connectivity where the University Wireless Service is available
  • sign in using Amazon, Facebook, GitHub, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • connect in outdoor public spaces, such as Jesus Green, Parkers Piece and The Mill Pond
  • connect in University of Cambridge museums, including Fitzwilliam Museum, Kettles Yard and Scott Polar Research Institute
  • connect up to 3 devices each

Who can use UniOfCam-Guest

Members of the public, college conference and departmental guests, museum visitors and any other non-Cambridge University members are welcome to use this service. 

UniOfCam-Guest should not be used by existing members of the university who have a valid CRSid. Existing members should use eduroam or UniOfCam-IoT.

    Where UniOfCam-Guest can be used 

    This service is only available in selected University of Cambridge locations.


      How to connect to UniOfCam-Guest


      Select the SSID 'UniOfCam-Guest' and choose one of your online accounts to sign in with.



      Allow your device to communicate with the account provider:




      Enter your Amazon credentials.



      A security verification message will appear. Check your email or
      text messages.

      If you've got an IOS device 
      Clicking on a text message from Amazon
      with a 2-factor authentication (2FA) URL will cancel the

      To solve this, you can either:

      • accept 2FA on a second device instead (such as when using email)
      • use a different social media platform



      In your email Inbox, find the email from Amazon and select 'Please approve or deny'.



      Select ‘Allow’ to verify your account and to access UniOfCam-Guest.  




      A Facebook cookies message will appear. You can either select ‘Accept All Cookies’ or select 'More Options', where you can choose to 'Allow selected cookies', which will follow the cookie preferences you have set within your Facebook profile. 



      Enter your Facebook credentials and select ‘Log In’.  



      Authorise your account by selecting ‘Continue as...’  




      Enter you GitHub credentials and select 'Sign in'.



      Authorise your account by selecting 'Authorise UniversityWirelessService'.




      Enter your LinkedIn credentials and select ‘Sign In’.




      Authorise your account by selecting ‘Allow’.  




      Sign in with your username (not email address) and password. 



      You will be redirected once your account has been authorised.  


      Get help

      Please note depending on your settings there may be additional stages to your sign in, particularly if are using two factor authentication.

      If you have difficulty connecting to UniOfCam-Guest, please contact our service desk at


      UIS Service Desk

      Phone padded  Service status line: (01223 7)67999
      Website  Sign up for SMS/email status alerts
      Website  Read major IT incident reports

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