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We’ve fixed one of the issues users were experiencing when adding credit to their Common Balance for DS-Print using eCredit. Undergraduates are no longer being incorrectly charged 20% VAT when purchasing credit. We’ve refunded all users who were incorrectly charged. 

We’re still working to resolve the second issue, whereby some users receive an error message after submitting their credit/debit card details (either 'Strong Customer Authentication Required' or 'Account configuration not found') and the transaction fails. Any users affected by this issue who have urgent printing or photocopying needs should email the Service Desk (

We’ll provide our next update on Wednesday, 16 November.

Latest news

The Digital Presence Programme (DPP) transitions into separate digital projects

8 November 2023

The Digital Presence Programme (DPP) was an ambitious programme of change to improve the University’s websites and digital content and the experience of those who use them. Its scope grew substantially and became too unwieldy to deliver within the existing framework. Following an external review and discussions with the...

Changes to Google Workspace accounts in November

30 October 2023

UIS is starting to remove University Google Workspace accounts for users who left the University more than 2 years ago. This helps us maintain system performance and security, as well as reduce our usage of storage space to meet Google’s quota.