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University Information Services

We’ve fixed one of the issues users were experiencing when adding credit to their Common Balance for DS-Print using eCredit. Undergraduates are no longer being incorrectly charged 20% VAT when purchasing credit. We’ve refunded all users who were incorrectly charged. 

We’re still working to resolve the second issue, whereby some users receive an error message after submitting their credit/debit card details (either 'Strong Customer Authentication Required' or 'Account configuration not found') and the transaction fails. Any users affected by this issue who have urgent printing or photocopying needs should email the Service Desk (

We’ll provide our next update on Wednesday, 16 November.

Latest news

Interim senior leadership arrangements for UIS

10 April 2024

Professor Ian Leslie, the Director of University Information Services (UIS), retires in May. Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chris Russell, will act as UIS’s Interim Director until the appointment of a permanent replacement. Four members of UIS’s Senior Leadership Team have volunteered to share the responsibilities of...

Change to Turnitin technical support

28 March 2024

UIS now supports the technical aspects of the University's Turnitin text matching software licence. The Education Quality and Policy Office (EQPO) is responsible for any policy guidelines relating to academic integrity. Turnitin is widely used in UK universities. It text matches submitted work against a large database of...

Moodle upgrade

28 March 2024

We will not be upgrading our version of Moodle this summer. Instead, we'll use the time to advance projects to improve the Moodle user experience. Our current version of Moodle (4.1) is a long-term support (LTS) release, which means it will be supported for 36 months and security updated well beyond our intended upgrade...