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Where do I find the web form?

Here is the Raven-protected web form

What happens if two institutions request accounts for the same person?

Each request is treated separately, and each institution will be given a different registration code. When the matching process is done then, as long as the data supplied is sufficient (and correct), the result will be one database record with two registration codes, either of which can be used to collect passwords.

What do I do if I just want a CRSid for a user - can I have just a CRSid and no Raven account?

You may use the pre-arrival registration pages to apply for a CRSid. This is now the preferred route and enables us to record full names and dates of birth in Jackdaw, so that we can provide better matching. Please note that Raven accounts are always created when a CRSid is created.

Can staff and visitors still apply on paper?

Yes, paper application forms will continue to exist and, in response, password letters will continue to be sent out via the UMS.

What happens if the date of birth is not available?

You can submit a pre-arrival registration request for an incoming visitor or member for staff without quoting a date of birth, but the user will not be able to collect passwords until the DoB information is recorded in Jackdaw. This could be by submitting a second request when the data is available, or by the user having been matched against their staff or student record. Please do not give a false date of birth; this may cause the matching process to fail and may result in a duplicate CRSid either now or in the future.

How long will the registration code remain available?

The list of users that has been requested by your institution remains available indefinitely, together with the registration code. You can simply review recent registrations, clicking on 'more' to see older records, if necessary. Everyone registered as a data provider for an institution can see all the people registered in that institution. There is, however, a limit of six months after accounts are generated when the form can be used to collect passwords. For staff who are registered with a delayed start date the six months is from the date that the accounts are created.

Can I find the registration code for someone registered by another institution?

No, you can only see those registered in institutions for which you have privilege.

Why is the user's Desktop Services password missing?

A request processed by user admin staff late in the day might miss the late afternoon Desktop Services registration run, but be processed by the later Hermes and Raven runs. The Desktop Services password will normally be available after the morning Desktop Services registration, which only takes place on working days.

Can I use the form to 'fill in' accounts for existing users?

Yes, if a user does not have all of the three accounts provided by pre-arrival registration, using the pre-arrival form will allow them to be registered with any account that they do not already have. There will be no effect on any already existing live account. Note that this only applies to Desktop Services and Hermes accounts, it is not possible to register users other accounts (e.g. VPDN).

If any of the accounts was cancelled it will be reinstated. Whether a new password is produced or not depends on the length of time that the account was cancelled.

Can I correct information in the Jackdaw using the web form

It is not currently possible for errors to be corrected by institutional staff, although UIS user administration staff are able to change some details. However, errors can be corrected by submitting a second pre-arrival record. Some examples are:

  • supplying a new finishing date for a user. If a user is staying beyond the date originally envisaged, the web form can be used to give a new finishing date to Jackdaw. Please only give finishing dates in the future. If a user has received a message saying that their accounts are on a list to be cancelled, changing the finishing date to one further in the future will have the effect of removing the user from the cancellation list.
  • changing a user's name. While user admin staff will see that there is a difference between the registered name and the name given by the data supplier, it may not be obvious which version of the name is preferred. Simple changes of title will normally cause the Jackdaw name to be updated, but anything that may not be obvious is best changed by sending email to  .

What do I do if I made a mistake with the name or date of birth

If you have given Jackdaw an incorrect name or date of birth, then it is best to submit a second web form with the correct name or date of birth. Please ensure you quote the CRSid of the user to enable us to link the two pre-arrival registrations requests together.

Which email account will my new starter get?

The matrix below explains which email accounts new starters will be given depending on their circumstances and the options you tick during pre-registration:

They already have: Outcome
Hermes ExOL
If you request a Hermes account...
Tick Red cross Keep Hermes
Tick Tick Keep both
Red cross Tick Keep ExOL
Red cross Red cross Get Hermes
If you request an Exchange Online account...
Tick Red cross Keep Hermes (can self-migrate to ExOL)
Tick Tick Keep both
Red cross Tick Keep ExOL
Red cross Red cross Get ExOL
If you request both Hermes and ExOL accounts...
Tick Red cross Keep Hermes
Tick Tick Keep both
Red cross Tick Keep ExOL
Red cross Red cross Get ExOL


Last updated: July 2018

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