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Where do I find the User Registration Form?

Go to UIS User Registration Form and login with your University account (formerly Raven). Please note this form is only accessible to staff who have been designated as lookup editors for the institution. You will need to check with your local IT team or HR team, if you are unable to access the form.

What happens if two institutions request accounts for the same person? 

The Jackdaw system uses a strict hierarchy of data: 

  1. the Student data feed from CamSIS, 
  2. the Staff data feed from CHRIS, then  
  3. the information provided in a registration request.  

These data are prioritised as the feeds are updated overnight. The User Administration team can't override details provided by these data feeds.

  • If a user is on the CamSIS or CHRIS feeds, they will be listed as a student/staff and their institution will be set by this data.   
  • If the user is not on a data feed and 2 registration requests are received, the last registration request to be processed will set the user’s institution in Jackdaw and Lookup. 

Can I request just a CRSid without a Raven account to get a University Card? 

Yes. From 22 November 2022, you can request a CRSid only by setting Standing to ‘Other’ on the registration request form. They will then get given just a CRSid and no IT services. See: Changes to user Registration Form.

What happens if the date of birth (DoB) isn't available? 

You must provide the date of birth of the person you are making the request for. This is now a mandatory field. Do not give a false date of birth; this may cause the matching process to fail and may result in a duplicate CRSid either now or in the future. 

How do I correct a user’s name or date of birth? 

If you have given Jackdaw an incorrect name or date of birth, please email providing the CRSid the incorrect and correct details. The team will then look at updating the details where appropriate.

How long will the registration code remain available? 

The registration code is valid for 6 months from the date the account is created. It is deactivated when the new user sets their own password for the first time.  

Can I find the registration code for someone registered by another institution? 

No, you can only see those registered in institutions for which you have privilege. 

Can I use the Registration Form to add more IT accounts for a user?

Yes. If a user does not have all three of the accounts provisioned by the User Registration Form, you can use the Form to request an @cam email and/or Desktop Services account as needed. This will not affect any IT accounts they currently have. 

In this case, your user will need to wait 24 hours for the new service to activate and would need to re sync their Raven password. 

Can I correct information in the Jackdaw using the Registration Form? 

No. It is not possible for errors to be corrected by institutional staff, although UIS User Administration staff can change some details.

Errors can be corrected by submitting a second pre-arrival record. Some examples are: 

  • Supplying a new review date for a user.
    If a user is staying beyond the date originally given. Please only give review dates in the future. If a user has received a message saying that their accounts are on a list to be cancelled, changing the review date to one further in the future will have the effect of removing the user from the cancellation list. 
  • Changing a user's name.  
    Email with the CRSid and details of the name change.

How can a user change their CRSid? 

Changing a CRSid is done under some circumstances, but need to be arrange by the User Administration team at UIS. Please email with the details to enquire whether this is possible and if so, the process that will be followed.  


Last updated: November 2022