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We'll be carrying out a series of planned essential maintenance to the University Wireless Service during 25-27 March.

We plan to replace the 4 high-capacity routers that connect the various wireless systems into the wider University Data Network (UDN). We are doing this because the routers have reached end of life. 

During these works there will be reduced resiliency arrangements and periods of out-of-hours interruption to service, during which users may be unable to connect to eduroam, UniOfCam-Guest, the UniOfCam-IoT system and local SSIDs. Full system service and resiliency will be restored when the works are completed.

What will happen?

Monday 25 March – all day

We’ll replace the 2 routers housed in the Central Network Hub (CNH), which connect the Wireless backup systems to the UDN. There should be no interruption to service, but systems will be running without backup arrangements once this work begins.

Tuesday 26 March 06.00–08.30
We’ll move primary wireless systems from the West Cambridge Data Centre (WCDC) to the CNH and then we’ll replace the 2 routers housed in the WCDC. During this move there will be interruptions to service.

Wednesday 27 March 06.00–08.30

We’ll move wireless systems from the primary site in the CNH back to the WCDC. During this move there will be interruptions to service.

Any queries?

If you have any queries, please contact

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