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We are rolling out the Google Drive 500GB quota and Microsoft 100GB (visitor and guest accounts) and 1TB (staff and student) storage quotas to all University accounts. These quotas are already in place for new accounts and existing accounts using less than the quota.

The quotas are in response to Google and Microsoft's announcements last year to introduce limits on the amount of data that can be stored in their Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft 365 cloud storage services, Google Drive and OneDrive. 

The majority of University accounts are well within Google and Microsoft's new quotas. 

We're working with Schools IT Leads to understand the needs of individuals and groups whose usage currently exceeds the quotas, identify suitable services for them and provide guidance on how to migrate to alternative services. We need to ensure the University's overall storage is below Google's new quota for our Google Workspace for Education tenancy by July 2024 to avoid Google switching all of the University's Google Drive accounts to read-only mode.

What is changing?

  • On 28 March 2024 we will implement the Google Drive 500GB quota for all remaining users. As we approach Google's deadline, we may need to consider cutting quotas or, as a last resort, file deletion to retain University-wide access. 

  • On 19 June 2024, we will implement the 1TB OneDrive storage quota to all staff and student accounts. Microsoft 365 visitor and guest accounts had the 100GB OneDrive storage limit applied on 1 February 2024.

Users are encouraged to act now to review and reduce their data. 

In addition, on 19 February 2024, we applied a 1TB storage quota for all new Microsoft SharePoint Online sites

Find out more about storage options

You can learn about storage services available to you, including OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox and Research data storage.

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact our Service Desk.

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