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[Friday, 5 May 2023]

If you host Live Events in Microsoft Teams that includes external attendees, or attend external Live Events as a Guest, this message is relevant to you.

Currently, external people who have been given Guest access in an organization’s Microsoft tenancy can join its Teams Live Events as an attendee using:

  • the Teams desktop app
  • the Teams mobile app 
  • a web browser.

What’s changing

Microsoft is withdrawing the option for external Guests to join Live Events using a web browser. They will need to use the Teams app, either on a computer or mobile device.

When it’s happening

Microsoft will start rolling out this change across all tenancies in mid-May and expects to finish by the end of May.

What you need to do

  • If you are organizing a Teams Live Event from mid-May onwards, you may wish to and warn your external Guests that they will need to use the Teams app to join.
  • If you attend Live Events as a Guest, make sure you have the Teams app installed on your device.


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