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UIS Service Desk

The UIS Service Desk is the gateway into support.

Roger Needham Building Service Desk

Monday - Friday 08:30 – 17:00

Service Desk: | 01223 (7)62999
Software Distribution: | 01223 (3)34695
Videoconferencing Enquiries: | 01223 (3)35477

Map: Roger Needham Building Service Desk (West Cambridge Site)

You book in work for Software Distribution and Printroom at the Service Desk.


Contact information for other Service Desks


Most problems presented at the UIS Service Desk are resolved by Service Desk staff.  The Service Desk is backed up by a full team of Information Services' experts, who can handle the more specialised problems. If a particular problem cannot be resolved at the UIS Service Desk it will be passed to the experts for advice and/or action.  Where an in-depth discussion is required, a consultancy appointment may be suggested.  An appointment with an expert will normally be at the Roger Needham Building (West Cambridge Site). 

We welcome any suggestions you might have on aspects of the UIS Service Desk. Please send these to the Service Desk Manager, Al Kitching ().

The Role of the Service Desk

One of UIS' tasks is to help members of the University to be more productive through the use of the services it provides.  Available technology is of limited effectiveness to many people unless they are also helped to use that technology and are given assistance when they encounter problems with it.  In return UIS has the opportunity to gain valuable feedback about the way facilities are used and what the real requirements are.  The UIS Service Desk handles users' initial calls for assistance, with the following goals in mind:

  • to provide a focus within Information Services for users to obtain general and technical assistance;
  • to offer prompt and efficient front-line assistance, with the aim of answering as many routine questions as possible;
  • if the call is not resolved at the Service Desk, to pass it on to an appropriate specialist, if available, within Information Services;
  • to provide feedback within Information Services about common problems encountered by users, which might indicate the need for further courses, documentation or a change in what is provided;
  • to record the details of a call and any initial advice given so that we can refer to statistics and case histories if required.

The Computerised Call Logging System

Whenever you contact the Service Desk by email, phone or in person you will be asked for your CRSid, so that your query can be logged in our computerised call logging system.  If the Service Desk cannot resolve your question directly you will be given a call ticket number.  We request that you use the call ticket number when contacting the Service Desk subsequently about that problem.  This is especially important for calls coming in by email, to enable messages to be processed automatically.

The call logging system ensures that calls are not "lost".  Outstanding questions can be properly managed and call histories can be retrieved if appropriate.  The call logging system also helps us to monitor trends and can be searched to identify queries which recur frequently, for which further courses, documentation, newsletter tips etc. may be needed.

Last updated: September 2016