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If you would like a person to be able to edit his own profile, you will need to take two additional steps:

  1. Make the person a member of your site
  2. Provide the person's crs id in the "Authored by" field


1. Making the person a member of your site

If the person doesn't have a user account already, hover over People and click on Add User. Fill in the fields as required.



The username is the user’s CRSid.

Please provide a strong password - although this is not used to login so you do not need to record it.

Choose the role (member) and save by clicking the button "Create  new account" at the bottom of the page.





2. Providing the crs id in the "Authored by" field


Navigate to the individual’s profile and click on the Edit tab.

Choose Authoring information from the left hand side navigation.

In the Authored by field provide the person's crs id and save.