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Search Engine Optimisation (aka "SEO") is something that we are receiving more and more questions about as time goes on. 

This page will (hopefully) answer some of the common questions we are receiving about SEO, and we will add to it as time goes on. If your question isn't covered here, as always, please do get in touch to ask.

Q. Can you support or provide XML Sitemaps?

Our Drupal websites come with the XML Sitemap module available as standard. It needs to be turned on and configured, which we can assist with. Some site owners want every single page on their sites included, while others only want certain pages. 

Q. Does Drupal provide "friendly" URL's?

Yes. Most pages will have SEO friendly URL's (e.g. /news/news-item-about-something as opposed to node/34) as standard. 

Q. Does Drupal do redirects?

Yes, Drupal has a redirects module. If the URL of any page changes, the redirect module will manage any traffic going from the old URL to the new one.

If you wish to be able to edit redirects or put manual redirects in, please ask for the permissions for this to be enabled (we do not enable this as standard as most users generally do not wish to do this). 

Q. Do you support Google Analytics?

Yes, the Google Analytics module is available as standard.

If you are using Google Analytics ("GA"), please provide us with your GA website ID and we will enable it for you. 

Q. Can I set Metatags like "title" and <meta tag="description"> myself?

Yes, you can.

By default, these fields are pre-populated using sensible patterns to ensure something is filled in. However you can set them 100% manually if you wish in the metatag options on your content. If you do not have access to view the metatag section on content, please contact us and we will enable the access for you. 

Q. Can I set pages to have values like "No Index" or "No Follow" for Search Engines?

Yes, you can.

Meta tags for each piece of content, including crawling options like No Index and No Follow, are configurable on each piece of content. 

For crawling options like No Index and/or No Follow, these can be found under the "Advanced options" in the Metatag section on the content adding / editing form. 

Q. Do you support https rather than http?

Yes, all of our sites run on https as standard. Anyone attempting to access a site on http should be automatically redirected to https. 

Q. Do you support Google Tag Manager?

Yes, the Drupal Google Tag Manager module is provided as standard.

If you wish to use GTM, please ask us to enable the module and provide your GTM site / container ID. 

Q. Can you help us identify broken links on our site?

Our Drupal set up comes with the "Link Checker" module as standard.

If you would like access to the Link Checker and the Broken Links report, please ask us, and we can enable and configure it for you.

For more information, please see the Broken Links section.