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If you would like to add your collegue as a new web editor, hover over People and click on Add User.



Fill in the fields as required.

Provide the person's real first name and surname.

The username is the person’s CRSid.

Please provide a strong password - although this is not used to login so you do not need to record it.

Choose the roles (editor, moderator and site admin) and save by clicking the button "Create  new account" at the bottom of the page.



If you get a warning message, please double check the crs id of the person.

It is possible that the individual already has an account created previously. If you see a message stating that the user name is taken, please check under the People's tab. Find the individual and edit his permissions.


Cancelling account

If your colleague leaves your team, you should cancel his account so that he will not be able to edit your website any longer.

Click on People tab, scroll down until you find his name on the list and click Cancel account.


On the next screen confirm you would like to "cancel the account and keep its content".