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We signed a new contact with the UK-based provider, Jisc, in June 2021 to provide and support Amazon Web Services (AWS). We will update this page shortly with further details.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are available to University Institutions wishing to adopt cloud-based infrastructure. This is a chargeable service provided under a UIS framework agreement and is a part of the UIS Cloud Strategy which aims to provide University Institutions with access to major cloud service vendors. 

Anyone evaluating the use of AWS to meet their institutional needs must ensure they understand the nature and scope of each service under consideration. In particular you must make yourself aware of potential limitations to any service as well as your responsibilities regarding any data you may transfer to, or process in, AWS. Please ensure that you have read and understood all of the documentation provided here before you set up your AWS Organization. 



This is a service for any University Institution within one of the Schools or Faculties, any Institution directly under the supervision of the General Board or the Council and any cross-institutional research groups that have a separate billing and/or accounting unit in CUFS. Individuals wishing to use this service should contact their institutional IT Manager to discuss access arrangements.

IT Managers can normally request a single 'AWS Organization' for each institution they manage. Multiple sub-accounts can be created in each AWS Organization for different institutional groups and users. UIS will exceptionally consider requests for multiple AWS Organizations for a single institution at its discretion where local IT management structures makes this necessary. 

UIS regrets that Colleges and other Institutions affiliated to the University are not covered under the University's AWS agreement. However, the University's can discuss pricing and contracts for any institutions that are not covered by the University's agreement. 

What is available?

The AWS Product Catalogue outlines the range of AWS products available. 

How much does it cost?

Charges are based on your use of different AWS products.

How do I request AWS for my Institution?

Each institution can set up its own 'AWS Organization' under the University's agreement. Please check with your institutional IT Manager whether an AWS Organization is already in place for your Institution.

IT Managers can request a new AWS Organization using this form and quoting your AWS account ID. If you do not have an AWS account ID please follow these instructions up to step 7a to obtain one first. For business continuity reasons please ensure that you specify a role email address and institutional phone number that will be monitored by your institutional IT Team rather than a personal email address or phone number. Once your request for an AWS Organization has been submitted the University's AWS account manager will be in touch using the contact details you specify to complete the set up of your AWS Organization.  

AWS policies and terms

AWS publish a number of policy and terms of service documents governing the use of their products. Prior to using AWS these should be reviewed by your institution to ensure they meet your needs. These include: 

Every AWS user must abide by these at all times.

Please note that the University's AWS contract terms specifically exclude AWS from any liability as a result of data loss and provides very low levels of liability regarding any other form of defaults. 

Check the separate page about contractual issues for practical advice on the main areas you need to consider and evaluate. 

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