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You can use these instructions if you want to use an Apple Mac or Macbook to access your files on DS-Filestore. You will need to be connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) to do this. If you're away from Cambridge, you can use the UIS VPN to connect to the CUDN remotely.

These instructions allow you to see your DS-Filestore filespace as just another item on your desktop.


How to connect to DS-Filestore from your Mac

  1. Open 'Finder'.

  2. Select 'Connect to Server...' from the Go menu.



  3. Enter smb:// in the address field.



  4. Select 'Connect' on the pop-up window that asks if you want to connect to the server



  5. Fill in your CRSid in the 'Name' field and your University account password (formerly Raven) in the 'Password' field. If you tick 'Remember password in keychain' you will not be asked to enter your password again in the future.



  6. You will then need to select the first letter of your CRSid so that you can navigate to your filespace. Select 'OK'.



  7. Navigate to the folder for your CRSid and select it.



  8. You can then drag the folder to the right-hand side of the window, into another folder to save your files. For example, Desktop or Documents.

Connecting to other resources

Group filespaces can be accessed at smb://[your group name]