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The University Managed Print service has installed its 300th multi-function device (MFD) at the Department of Plant Sciences. The managed print service has been running for 12 years and offers Colleges and departments a centralised and secure printing environment that users can access both on site and remotely. 

Tim Walpole, the department’s IT manager said: 

"When we recently looked at improving our print provision at Plant Sciences, we considered how best to meet our future requirements, particularly as older localised printers reached their end-of-life. 

The department already had 3 MFDs on the University Managed Print service working well, but the devices were getting too old. The Konica Minoltas currently recommended for use with the service were already in use at the Crop Science Centre and working well, so the decision was made to opt for all new Konica Minoltas in the rest of the department. 

We look forward to the University Managed Print service continuing to expand and improve. We also hope to adopt further devices within the department." 

University Managed Print service manager Kelvin Morgan said:  

“I’m always happy to discuss matters to do with print to help improve the service. I’m really pleased that through discussions with Tim we were able to work together for the benefit of the department. The department’s users now have much improved and fully supported printing and copying facilities. 

I take great pride in being instrumental in installing all 300 multi-functional devices currently active in the system. The Managed Print Service has seen many challenges over the years and undoubtedly will see many more. I very much look forward to rising to those challenges.” 

If you have queries about the University Managed Print service or are interested in joining, contact


Tim Walpole (IT Manager at the Department of Plant Sciences) and Kelvin Morgan (University Managed Print service manager) next to the 300th MFD

Published 24 August 2023

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