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The CUDN is one of the University's most valuable assets and provides access to various services and the JANET network to support the mission of its Departments, related Colleges, and other affiliated Institutions. The primary purpose of the network is to support teaching, learning, and research; however, the various roles of the University's Institutions, in some cases, require the use of the network for other University business. One such need is the use of the data network for conferences. University Information Service supports the use of the CUDN and the provided JANET services for conference activities. This applies to conferences hosted by an Institution or an external hosting company renting an Institution's facilities.


The CUDN may be used to support the needs of conference delegates, coordinators, vendors, and guests while residing on University grounds and partaking in conference activities. Information Services should be advised or consulted about any conference in a timely manner if there are any special network requirements (e.g. large network bandwidth needs). In all cases, it is assumed that any equipment used will be either personal workstations belonging to the delegates connected to the local network or local workstations owned by the college/department. Network use is limited to physical data ports and authenticated wireless networks, i.e. open wireless networks are not supported on the CUDN for any purpose and therefore any wireless connection must have a controllable authentication method like the Lapwing Wireless Network. Information Services would not permit the connection of another network except in very exceptional circumstances. Any such requirement together with a supporting case should be discussed with Information Services well in advance.

Conference participants are not eligible for CRSids, but may be given visitor access via Wireless Service visitor tickets, eduroam, or Summer School IDs (the latter are available on request from UIS for a modest administrative charge).

Note that those participating in the conference and using the CUDN are still subject to the CUDN Acceptable Use Policies.

Institutions that support the conference, e.g. a Department or College, are fully responsible for the enforcement of the Acceptable Use Policies and the conduct of those using the network. Use of the network by conferences hosted by external bodies will be covered by a JANET Proxy Licence that will be obtained by Information Services.

In all cases, there must be a registration mechanism in place that identifies an individual's usage and provides for sufficient authentication and authorisation to ensure that use can be audited and controlled. The authorisation mechanism should be such that, for each registration, only one user can use it at any given time. Except for access using eduroam, each individual delegate is to be issued with a unique userid/password which must be used before network access is obtained. Unless the users are using the University Wireless Service either using eduroam or visitor tickets, it will be up to the sponsoring Institution to ensure that any network access is logged and records kept for a minimum of three months in case there are queries from JANET(UK) or any other external bodies.

Last updated: July 2018