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Reading and sending email when away from Cambridge

You will want to read your email when you are away from Cambridge - this page gives some handy pointers.

You might be using

  • your own computer, either via broadband (with or without a VPN connection to the cam domain), or with a different permanent Internet connection, for example if you are visiting another University;
  • someone else's computer, connected by one of the methods outlined above (e.g. in an Internet cafe) - in this case use Hermes webmail at

To get at your Cambridge mail from elsewhere, the choices are:

  • You can use a web browser to read your mail using Hermes webmail (see above);
  • You can run a mail user agent (MUA) on your local machine and configure it to reach your Cambridge mail - see instructions for setting up mobile devices;
  • You can use Hermes webmail to forward your Cambridge email for the duration of your absence to another mail account and then read it by whatever method you use for your other account (see Forwarding (redirection) and vacation messages).

Last updated: September 2016