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Privacy Policy for the Managed Wiki service

This policy relates to personal data, as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998, gathered when you use the University Information Services Managed Wiki service,


Use of the Managed Wiki Service is recorded in the web server logs, and in data displayed within the wikis themselves.

Web server logs

In common with most web sites, the Managed Wiki Service web server logs all connections made to it. These logs may be kept for up 28 days.

The logs are kept for the purposes of system administration, detection of attempted misuse, bug tracking, and usage statistics.

The logs will contain information on the date and time of each connection, the external IP address, the name of the page accessed, the form of the access (i.e. GET or POST) and, if the access requires user authentication, the user's account name (generally the user's CRSid).

When the information in logs is used to produce statistical reports for management purposes, such as for annual reports, such statistics do not contain personal data.

Data displayed within the wiki

The information recorded within a wiki will be visible to anyone with read access to that wiki. There are a range of possible settings defining who may have read access to a wiki (including world-readable). See Applying for a wiki for a description of these. If you wish to find out which of these settings apply for a particular wiki, you can contact the administrators of that wiki at [wiki-name], replacing [wiki-name] with the wiki name from the wiki's URL (e.g. the raven in

The information recorded includes:-

  • The list of account names of users of that wiki.

    Note that if a wiki is set up to automatically create an account when a user first accesses a wiki, then the user's account name will be added to this list when the user first authenticates to use the wiki. Otherwise, user accounts are created by the wiki administrators.

  • Any edits made to wiki pages.

    If a user edits a page within a wiki, that edit will be logged, as will the date and time of the edit and the account name of the user making the edit.

  • Any files uploaded to the wiki.

    The name and size of the file uploaded will be logged, together with the date and time of the upload and the account name of the user performing the upload.

  • User pages.

    Everyone with an account on a wiki will automatically have a "User page", labelled with their account name. This page will be readable by anyone with read access to the wiki.

Access to personal data

For the purpose of the UK Data Protection Act 1998, the 'Data Controller' for the processing of data collected by this site is the University of Cambridge, and the point of contact for subject access requests is the University Data Protection Officer.

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