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Set up to Outlook in Windows 8.1 (first time use)

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Before you start

If you haven't done so before, sync your Raven password to the Blue Active Directory by changing your password on the Raven password management site. You can 'change' it to your current password if you want to keep using it – the important part is that you run through the process to trigger the synchronisation process. It may take up to 3 hours for the synchronisation to take effect.


  1. Click in the bottom right of the screen to open the Settings panel.

  2. Click Accounts:


  3. Click Add an account:


  4. Click Exchange:


  5. Enter your and your UIS Password, and click Connect:


  6. Make sure all the following fields are filled in with your personal details, as follows:
        Email Address:  your
        Server address:
        Domain: [leave this blank]
        Username: your
        Password: your UIS Password


    Click Connect.
    The account may take a few seconds to synchronise.