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How to share your Exchange Online calendar with colleagues using Exchange On-Premise

You can share your Exchange Online calendar with people still using Exchange On-Premise [e.g. staff still using the academic computing network (ACN)’s Exchange service] by sending an email to them with calendar information. This documentation is specifically for Outlook 2010, but it should also work for any mail client that supports the .ics calendar format:

This information is also available in PDF format >

How to send an invitation to share your Exchange Online Calendar

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign in to your University Microsoft Account with your and UIS Password.

  3. Click the Calendar tile:


  4. Click the Share button:


  5. Enter the email address of the person you wish to share your calendar with, select the level of access you wish to grant from the drop-down  menu, and click the Share button:


  6. The person with whom you are sharing your Calendar will receive an email containing instructions for adding your Calendar. You can update or delete the access at any time by coming back to this Share page and editing the entries for people sharing your Calendar.


What to do when you receive an invitation to a shared Exchange Online Calendar in Outlook

  1. You will receive an email with the subject: I’d like to share my calendar with you.

  2. Open the email, but DO NOT click the big blue button – it won’t automatically connect the Calendar to your mail account. Instead, click the File tab:


  3. Click the Save Attachments button:


  4. Assuming the attachments list shows sharing_metadata.xml as the only attachment, click OK:


  5. Select a location to save the attachment where you can locate it later, e.g. your Desktop, and click Save:


  6. Close any open emails to return to the Outlook Inbox and minimise Outlook.

  7. Locate the saved attachment and open it. Double-clicking on it will cause it to open directly into a web browser, but you can open it with Notepad, or any text editor.

  8. In the opened file, there are a number of URLs.
    The URL you need should start and end with /reachcalendar.ics
    Highlight the whole URL and copy it to the clipboard [CTRL+C]:


  9. Maximise Outlook.

  10. Switch to the Outlook Calendar view.

  11. Click the Open Calendar button on the Ribbon and select From Internet from the drop-down menu:


  12. Paste the URL from step 8 into the location field [CTRL+V], then click the OK button:


  13. Click the Yes button to add the Calendar to Outlook:


  14. The Calendar will appear in the list of Calendars on the left-hand side of the screen in Outlook.
    If you wish, you can rename it by right-clicking on the Calendar and selecting Rename Calendar from the drop-down menu.

  15. This shared Calendar will update automatically, but there is a delay.
    You can manually force an update by clicking the Update Folder button on the Send/Receive tab.