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How to add a snapshot view of your Google Calendar in Exchange Online

This procedure will add a snapshot view of the data currently in your Google Calendar data in Exchange Online, as a separate Exchange Online calendar.

This information is also available in PDF format >


  1. Launch a browser and have your Microsoft Office Online Calendar open in one tab, and your Google Calendar in another. Start in the Microsoft Exchange Online Calendar tab:


  2. Open the Add calendar menu, and select the From Internet option:


  3. This opens up the Calendar subscription sidebar on the right of your browser window:


  4. Switch to the Google Calendar tab:


  5. Open the menu for your calendar by clicking the down arrow that only appears when you hover over the calendar name in the list. Select the Calendar settings menu item:


  6. From the settings window, copy the URL for the Private Address iCAL link (i.e. the lower of the two green iCAL boxes).
    Note: How to copy the link varies between browsers.


  7. Switch back to the Microsoft Exchange Online Calendar tab and paste the iCAL URL into the Link to the calendar box.
    Type a name into the Calendar name box (in this example, we’ve called it 'Previous calendar').
    Click Save to start the transfer:


  8. After a few seconds importing the data, you will see a new calendar in your set of calendars, and the Add calendar process is complete. You will now see a snapshot view of your Google calendar, but you will not be able to actively manage this calendar via Exchange Online; it is only a view of your Google Calendar data.