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Card Representatives

Last updated: 13 October 2015

With thousands of cardholders to administer, the Card Office relies on a network of local representatives within Colleges and Departments to undertake a number of responsibilities, ensure that information is processed promptly and correctly. Your local Card Representative should be your initial point of contact on all issues related to your card, including issue and re-issue of your card and services available through your card, e.g. door access, library use.



Academic Division Daniel Christopher Barnes
Amateur Dramatic Club Theatre Mitchell Christopher Clarke
Anaesthesia, Department of Jane Miller
Anatomy, Department of Phil Garrett
Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic, Department of Jennifer Lee Pollard
Applied Mathematics Theoretical Physics, Department of Beth Sweet-Rosborough
Applied Research in Educational Technologies, Centre for Stephanie Saunders
Archaeology and Anthropology, Museum of Wendy Margaret Brown
Archaeology, Division of Benjamin Davenport
Architecture and History of Art, Faculty of Stanley William Finney
Architecture, Department of Stanley William Finney
Arts and Humanities, School of Jayne Allison Barnes
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Faculty of Molly Ann O'Reilly
Astronomy, Institute of Joy Patricia McSharry
BP Institute Gillian Turner
Betty & Gordon Moore Library Sue Victoria Lambert
Biochemistry, Department of Nicholas Terence Smith
Biological Anthropology, Division of Jane Holmes
Biological Sciences, School of the Cheryl Diane Torbett
Biology, Faculty of Astrid Julia Schmidt
Board of Examinations Michael Dixon
Board of Graduate Studies Sarah Pickard
Botanic Garden Wendy Elizabeth Godfrey
C.I.M.R. Administration Michele Knights
C.I.M.R. Clinical Biochemistry Michele Knights
C.I.M.R. Clinical Neurosciences Michele Knights
C.I.M.R. Haematology Michele Knights
C.I.M.R. Medical Genetics Michele Knights
C.I.M.R. Medicine Michele Knights
C.I.M.R. Oncology Michele Knights
C.I.M.R. Pathology Michele Knights
C.I.M.R. Surgery Michele Knights
Cambridge Admissions Office Rachel Kay Baker
Cambridge Assessment Katharine Palmer
Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair on secondment Green
Cambridge Commonwealth European and International Trust Breeda O'Leary
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre Maggie Brown
Cambridge Enterprise Sinead Varley
Cambridge MIT Institute Mary Elizabeth Phenna
Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership Nicola Jane Hurst Wright
Cambridge Sports and Social Club Lynne Christina Dopson
Cambridge University Graduate Union Robert Kenneth Richardson
Cambridge University Press Chloe Laura White
Cambridge University Students Union Mark John McCormack
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute David Maguire
Cardiovascular Medicine Eve Emma Dillon
Careers Service Claire Collet
Central Biomedical Services Andrea Franklin
Central Science Library -ex Scientific Periodicals Library Stephen Michael Dale
Centre for Business Research Rachel Caroline Wagstaff
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Department of Iain Donald Morrison
Chemistry, Department of Emma Jayne Graham
Child Care Office Susan Ruth Davis
Christ's College Louise Yirrell
Churchill College Allison Bone
Clare College Tony Przybylski
Clare Hall Magda Bergman
Classical Archaeology, Museum of Lina Undicino
Classical Faculty Library Lina Undicino
Classics, Faculty of Lina Undicino
Clinical Biochemistry, Department of Karen Laurence
Clinical Gerontology Unit Julie Carol Jenkins
Clinical Medicine, School of Arciris Cristabel Garay Arevalo
Clinical Neuroscience, Department of Heather Carlyon
Clinical Pharmacology Unit Christine Molton
Clinical School IT Support Service Phillipa Ruth Hewett
Combination Room Katie Cobley
Computer Laboratory

Helen Scarborough


Computing Service Lori Klimaszewska
Conference Cambridge Kelly Vickers
Continuing Education, Institute of Alison Webster
Corpus Christi College Johnathan Coe
Counselling Service Mark Phippen
Criminology, Institute of Personnel Office Lisa Marie Fretwell
Darwin College Karen Knight
Dental Service Sara Madeline Weatherill
Development Studies Doreen Woolfrey
Disability Resource Centre Jonathan Anthony Harding
Divinity, Faculty of David Goode
Downing College Sarah Jane Pickard
Earth Sciences and Geography, Faculty of Nigel Roy Johnson
Earth Sciences, Department of Sylvia Ann Wright
Economics & Politics Marshall Library Rowland Thomas
Economics, Faculty of Ekaterina Averina
Education, Department of Pauline Mason
Education, Faculty of Pauline Mason
Emmanuel College Marion J Dorkings
Engineering, Department of Rob Murdoch  
English Faculty Library Jennifer Lee Pollard
English, Faculty of Jennifer Lee Pollard
Entrepreneurial Learning, Centre for Joanne Black
Estate Management Katie Cobley
Facilities Management Katie Cobley
Family Research, Centre for Abby Scott
Finance Division Theresa Jones
Fitzwilliam College Rajashree Dhanaraj
Fitzwilliam Museum Janette Maria Saunders
French, Department of Fulvia Carotenuto
Gates Cambridge Trust Jim Smith
Gates Common Room Jamie Anthony Brittain
General Practice and Primary Care Unit Sean Hickin
Genetics, Department of Meg Staff
Geography, Department of Nadine Keating
German, Department of Fulvia Carotenuto
Girton College Andrew Leader
Gonville and Caius College Yvonne Holmes
HR Beverly Karen Anderson
HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies Ludmila Applegate
Haematology Diagnostics Development Unit Emma Louise Newman
Haematology, Department of Emma Louise Newman
Hamilton Kerr Institute Sara Harrop 
History and Philosophy of Science, Department of Louisa Russell 
History of Art, Department of Stanley William Finney
History of Population and Social Structure Nadine Keating
History, Faculty of Joanne Elaine Pearson
Homerton College Glesny Kate Sheppard
Hughes Hall Chloe Bevan 
Human, Social, and Political Sciences, Faculty of Laura Jane Cousens
Humanities and Social Sciences, School of the Jill Noble  

International Strategy Office Nina Martin
International Studies, Centre of Lucy Helen Charlotte Gager
Investment Office Theresa Daly
Jesus College Haidee Carpenter
Judge Business School Bettina Cuffaro
Kettle's Yard House and Gallery Cherlyn Evans
King's College Janet Luff
Land Economy, Department of Laura Elizabeth Cave
Landscape Modelling, Unit for Patricia Carole Wilson-Smith
Language Centre Joanne Elizabeth Farmer-Eynon
Latin-American Studies, Centre of Julie Anne Coimbra
Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law Karen Jane Fachechi
Law, Faculty of Stephen Burdett
Lucy Cavendish College Neil Joseph Frank Curtis
MRC Biostatistics Unit Gordon Bateman
MRC Cancer Unit Rene Roe-Scott
MRC Epidemiology Unit Anthony Saunders
Magdalene College Julia Kania
Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre Ingrid Freese
Management Information Services Division Ann Aves
Manufacturing, Institute for Michael Harding
Margaret Beaufont Institute Cambridge Theological Federation Charlotte Bentley
Marshal's Office Ann-Marie Claire MacDougall
Materials Science and Metallurgy, Department of Nathan Cliff
Mathematical Sciences, Centre for Beth Sweet-Rosborough
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research Emma Amelia Jarman
Medical Genetics, Department of Lynda Mary Smith
Medical Library Isla Louise Kuhn
Medical Workshops Andrew Last
Medicinal Chemistry Lisa Anne Miles
Medicine, Department of Louise Ellen Goode LouiseGoode@MEDSCHL
Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis Anne Railton
Modern & Medieval Languages Library Fulvia Carotenuto
Modern and Medieval Languages, Faculty of Fulvia Carotenuto
Murray Edwards College Joy Broker
Music, Faculty of Libby Jones
Nanoscience Building Susan Elizabeth Cecil Murkett
Neurology Unit Heather Carlyon

Neurosurgery, Department of Kirsty Jane Shepherd
Newnham College Sarah Loveday 
North West Cambridge Miria Jane Margaret Robinson
Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Department of Joanne Hackett
Occupational Health and Safety Service Sarah Boggie
Office of External Affairs and Communications Claire Frances Harper
Office of Intercollegiate Services Diane Elizabeth Brooker
Office of Translational Research Christine Molton 
Oncology, Department of Victoria Ann Sparkes
Orthodox Christian Studies, Institute for Lydia Janette McNeeney
Other Languages, Department of Rachael Ellice Crossman
Paediatrics, Department of Clare Rice
Pathology, Department of Irene Piper
Pembroke College Becky Coombs
Peterhouse Antonia Irvine
Pharmacology, Department of Antonio Ciruela
Philosophy, Faculty of Clare Lucille Dickinson
Physical Education Karen Pearce
Physics, Department of Deborah Ann Carminati
Physiology Development and Neuroscience, Department of Ann Marjorie Singh
Plant Sciences, Department of Angela Lesley Shaw
Politics and International Studies, Dept of Emma Melissa Cantu
Politics, Department of Emma Melissa Cantu
Psychiatry Adisa, Department of Sarah Rowe
Psychiatry, Department of Dominic Drane
Psychology, Department of Fiona Webley  
Public Health and Primary Care, Department of Julie Carol Jenkins
Public Health, Institute of Gordon Bateman
Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Department of Beth Sweet-Rosborough
Queens' College Karin Ruthven 
Radiology, Department of Simone Matias Vegh
Religious and Theological Studies, Centre for David Goode
Research Operations Office Lisa Christie 
Research in Arts Social Science and Humanities, Centre for Michelle Maciejewska
Ridley Hall Charlotte Bentley
Robinson College Keisha Sharp
Sainsbury Laboratory Anne Yvonne Crozat
School of the Physical Sciences Georgina Fuller
Scott Polar Research Institute Sophie Linda Barnett
Secretariat Joseph Clement 

Security Office - Estate Management

Seeley Library Linda Washington
Selwyn College Gillian Neal

Sidney Sussex College David Graves
Slavonic Studies, Department of Fulvia Carotenuto
Social Anthropology, Division of Dorothy Christian Searle
Social Sciences, Department of Malcolm Robert Davis
Sociology, Department of Odette Helene Marie Rogers
South Asian Studies, Centre of Kevin Greenbank
Spanish and Portuguese, Department of Fulvia Carotenuto
Sports and Social Club Lynne Christina Dopson
Squire Law Library Kay Naylor
St Catharine's College Dom Mulcrone
St Edmund's College Hayley Butrym
St John's College Audrey Ruth Hewson
Surgery, Department of Linda Butler
Technology, School of Rachael Louise Tuley
Telecommunications Lori Klimaszewska
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Department of Fulvia Carotenuto
Trinity College Sarah Horal
Trinity Hall Heather Clare Saunders
University Biomedical Support Services Andrea Denise Franklin
University Centre Katie Cobley
University Farm Katie Cobley
University Library Camilla Jefferies 
University and College Union David Goode
University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Gary Mark Smith
Unmapped Staff Kelley Ann Dawson
Unspecified Central Departments Paul James Hammans
Varsity Newspaper LTD Michael John Derringer
Veterinary Medicine, Department of Betty Patricia Rayner
Wellcome Trust Immunology Unit Ann Marie Sinnott
Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute Lynda Jane Lockey
Wellcome Trust-Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Christian Perry
Wesley House Elizabeth Ruth Curry
Westcott House Elizabeth Ruth Curry
Westminster College Elizabeth Ruth Curry
Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre Linda Morgan
Wolfson College Michelle Searle
Zoology, Department of Emma Francis   

University Card Office

Telephone: 01223 (7)66908
Hours: 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 4.30pm (Monday to Friday)