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University Information Services (UIS) provides a number services to improve information and infrastructure security, to protect individuals and Institutions across the Collegiate University.

UIS offers the following services:

Security and Malware
What you need to know

Anti-Virus software (individuals)
All students and staff of the University and Colleges are entitled to a free copy of the McAfee antivirus software. This license can also be freely used on staff home computers.

Managed Anti-Virus Service (institutions)
In addition to the free individual McAfee licence, UIS provides an anti-virus management and distribution service, ePO, which helps institutions to maintain automatically up-to-date AV software on their IT infrastructure.

The Cambridge Computer Emergency Response Team (CamCERT) co-ordinates the response to security incidents across the University of Cambridge. They provide advice, guidance and technical support, drawing upon a wide range of contacts and sources of information. This service is free to all students and staff.

Incident reporting
An IT incident may cover a wide range of activities such as an email you have received inviting you to visit a webpage and disclose your password, a computer behaving unpredictably (for example pop-up windows and software running unexpectedly), or you have noticed the inappropriate use of IT equipment in the University (for example, you are concerned that someone has been downloading/viewing illegal content on the University network). Use the incident reporting form to report an IT incident.

Email (spam) protection
Anti-spam and anti-virus protection for email traffic, provided by the central mail relay ppsw.