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Passwords for UIS accounts

An overview of your UIS Password: how to get one, what it does, how to change it and what to do if your account is compromised.

Your UIS Password – one password for many UIS services

Your UIS Password provides you with access to these central computing services:

  1. Raven  – the University's central web authentication service
  2. Hermes – the University's email service
  3. Desktop Services – (including the Managed Cluster Service (MCS), DS-Files and DS-Remote)
  4. High Performance Computing Service
  5. Managed Web Service
  6. Microsoft portal – access to your University Microsoft account including the Office 365 suite, and OneDrive for Business filestore
  7. Employee Self Service portal
  8. The 'Blue' Active Directory, and services using it for authentication


Individual passwords for Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services

If you joined the University before the combined UIS Password was introduced in February 2014, your individual passwords will continue to work until you change or reset one of them using the UIS Password Management Application, when you will be issued with a single UIS Password instead:


How the UIS Password Management Application works


If you forget your password(s)

You will need to get a Password Reset Token from your college or institution's Authorised Password Resetter (in most cases this is likely to be your local Computer Officer), or the UIS Service Desk.


How to change your password(s)

Use the UIS Password Management Application to change your UIS Password, or individual passwords for Raven, Hermes or Desktop Services.


New arrivals: how to collect your initial password

If you are a new student or member of staff, your college or institution has pre-registered you for a UIS computing account. When you arrive in Cambridge, use a computer or kiosk connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) to collect your initial password online at


Applying directly for computing resources

Your college, department or institution will ensure that you have a computing services account before you arrive in Cambridge, but if you need access to additional resources, you (or your college or institution) may apply directly by completing the Application for University Information Services Resources form. If granted, your password will be sent in a letter, via the University Messenger Service (UMS):

Download the 'Application for University Information Services Resources' form


Compromised passwords: what to do

If you think someone has discovered your password, or that your computing service account has been breached, you should:

  1. Immediately change your password
  2. Check all your University accounts for signs of misuse
  3. Report any suspected misuse to your local Computer Officer.


Report serious security breaches to CERT

If you suspect serious misuse of any University systems, immediately report it to the University Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) by emailing


Last updated: October 2016