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How to collect your UIS accounts

How to collect your UIS computing accounts: your username (CRSid) and initial password, and your Cambridge email address.

Getting started

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How to collect your UIS Computing accounts before you arrive
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New students: how to collect your computing accounts

Can I do anything before 
I arrive in Cambridge?

Yes, you can collect two of your three UIS computing accounts before you get here – Raven (web authentication) and Hermes (email). Although many of the University’s online resources require users to be connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN), you will be able to access:

  • your Hermes email account
  • any specific resources and course materials provided by your College and Department
  • some of the University Library’s online resources.

What are your UIS computing accounts?

Your CRSid (username)

Everyone at the University is given a Common Registration Scheme identifier, known as a 'CRSid'. It will be your username at the University, and takes the form of your initials and a randomly assigned number, e.g. fjc55.

Your UIS Password

Your UIS Password is the common password you will use for many computing services including your Hermes email account, Raven web authentication and use of the shared computers and printing facilities (known as the Managed Cluster Service (MCS)) available to you in various locations throughout the Collegiate University.

Your Raven account

Raven is the web authentication system 
used by the majority of the University’s 
online resources, systems and websites. 
You will often be asked to log in to Raven 
with your UIS Password.

Your Hermes email account

Hermes is the University’s email system. 
Your email address will be your CRSid 
(i.e. your Cambridge username) followed by, e.g.

Once you have created your UIS Password, you will be able to access your Hermes inbox using the webmail interface, or by configuring an email client on your computer or mobile device.

Collecting your UIS accounts

1. Complete Student Registration

During the summer, you will be sent an email from the Student Registry () containing detailed instructions and a link to the CamSIS Student Registration web pages.

The timing will vary: for undergraduates, it will be late August; for postgraduates, it will be early August.

You can complete the registration process before you arrive in Cambridge, or by using a computer or kiosk dedicated for this purpose when you arrive at your College.

See FAQs at:

2. Collect your username and password

On completing Student Registration, you 
will be presented with a time-limited link that is unique to you, so that you can continue on to the 'Jackdaw' website to collect your CRSid and an initial password.

Note: If you are already in Cambridge and connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN), you can use this link instead:

3. Create your preferred UIS Password

Finally, sign in to the UIS Password Management Application with your CRSid and initial password to create a strong, but memorable, UIS Password.