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Accounts and passwords

Your UIS accounts (user administration)

Information about your UIS computing accounts, giving you access to your Cambridge email, managed desktop computers and printing facilites, and password-protected online systems and resources.

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Administrative staff accounts

Administrative staff, such as those working for the Unified Administrative Service (UAS), use the Administrative Computing Network (ACN) for their computing rather than a direct connection to the University network, and have a specific range of services available to them.

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Services for visitors

Visitors to the University are able to use the network and may be able to apply for email accounts and Raven credentials.

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UIS network access tokens

Tokens are used to assert your authentication for eduroam and for the UIS VPN service.

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Raven: the University's authentication service

Raven is the University-wide web authentication service provided by the UIS. Logging in using Raven securely verifies your identity before granting you access to the private online resources that you are authorised to use.

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Jackdaw: the UIS database

Jackdaw is the UIS database that holds user administration records for staff and students in the University.

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