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Departmental shared drives have been migrated to the Institutional File Store (IFS) service and as a result the drive mappings are different when you are using AppsAnywhere virtual desktops.


About shared drive mappings in AppsAnywhere

As part of the work to launch the new virtual Windows desktop service, AppsAnywhere, UIS has migrated data from shared drives to its Institutional File Store (IFS) service.

As a result, the mappings for shared drives in AppsAnywhere are different, but resolve to the same place as usual so any changes you make in AppsAnywhere are reflected in both drive mappings:

Drive name


AppsAnywhere drive name

R: Restricted access and cross divisional data sharing R: (RShare)
J: General applications and utilities J: (JShare)
K: (in some departments this was E: or L: and in some cases different)   Z: (Group)
You will see all departments listed here, but will only have access to some
M: Users' personal file storage The M drive is being retired. You should move your M: drive files to your personal OneDrive filestore. See: Retirement of the UAS M drive for instructions.


Shared drive mappings by institution

All Departments are listed in the new Z: drive, which has replaced the former drives such as K:, E:, L: and others. Although you will now see all Departments listed on the Z: drive, access is controlled by the use of permissions so you will not be able to access them all.

Once you have found your Department’s folder on the Z: drive, you may need to navigate down through the hierarchy until you find the shared folders that you are familiar with.

(This list will be added to as institutions are onboarded to AppsAnywhere.)


Old shared drive(s)

New mapping on the Z drive
Finance Division   Z:\finance division\finance division
Gates Cambridge Trust K Z:\Faculties Offices and Schools\Cambridge Trusts\Gates Cambridge Trust
School of Arts and Humanities K, L, Y Z:\academic division\school of arts and humanities
(See also: Z:\finance division\finance division)
School of the Biological Sciences K Z:\Faculties Offices and Schools\School of the Biological Sciences
School of Humanities and Social Science K, X Z:\Academic Division\SHSS
School of the Physical Sciences K Z:\faculties offices and schools\school of the physical sciences
Staff Counselling Service K, L Z:\Counselling Service Staff
Student Counselling Service K, L Z:\Counselling Service Student