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FAQ: From EndNote how can I download references from Newton, the University Library catalogue?


The connection file "Cambridge University Newton Library Catalogue" can be used to search Newton from within EndNote. (Note that the file called "Newton PL" is nothing to do with the University Library, and the one called "Cambridge University" will search just the libraries belonging to the Cambridge Theological Federation).

"Cambridge University Newton Catalogue" is available on the University MCS machines and may be copied for your own use. The same file is also available for download from the UL's own website (although it's simply called Cambridge_ul).

Copy the saved file into your EndNote Connections folder (inside the applications folder).

Since the last upgrade to Newton it is no longer possible to import references by downloading them from a web browser search of the catalogue.

The Computing Service runs a course on basic use of EndNote each term (see Endnote for Bibliographies courses). If you need further help, or if you can't attend the course and would like a copy of the course workbook, email 


Last updated: June 2014