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What to do if you have questions

Please direct questions relating to the administration of the certificate scheme to .

If you have general questions about using certificates and configuring clients, please contact the Service Desk at .

Generating Certificate Signing Requests

If you are using OpenSSL, you may find this configuration file useful when working with the 'openssl req' command. You can find useful openssl commands, including how to generate a CSR at this link:

Checking your installation

After installing your new certificate, you should check that your installation is correct and providing the security you desire. We recommend using SSL Labs' SSL Server Test, which can analyse your site in detail and provide useful information to help you fix any problems. Some browsers automatically download intermediate certificates, so you may see different results in your browser from what SSL Labs will find. If your site isn't trusted, check under 'Certification Paths'. The SSL Server Test is very picky, so don't worry too much if your site doesn't get the highest score.

Information about our supplier, Jisc

Jisc's page about the certificate scheme used by UIS is at

You can view the Terms and Conditions of the Jisc service at

Information on Digicert QuoVadis certificates

The QuoVadis Certificate Holder Agreement governs the use of QuoVadis certificates, and it refers to QuoVardis's Certificate Policy/Certification Practice Statement for Root CA2.

Status of your certificates

You can check the status of a certificate you requested on the UIS TLS Certificates administration site, or by contacting .


To revoke a certificate, please contact .


Last updated: 17 February 2021