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Installation and deployment

Receiving your new certificate

We will email your new certificate to you when it is ready using the address you supplied in your request. The email will contain the certificate in plain text and a .zip file which contains:

  • Your Certificate, in a file named after its primary hostname, e.g. www_example_cam_ac_uk.crt
  • A copy of the appropriate QuoVadis intermediate certificate, which you can also download directly from QuoVadis:
    • For standard OV and wildcard certificates (QuoVadis Global SSL ICA G3 on QuoVadis' website)
    • For extended validation (EV) certificates (QuoVadis EV SSL ICA G3 on QuoVadis' website).

We will also make your certificate available to you on the TLS certificate administration site.

Installing your new certificate

Digicert (QuoVadis) provides detailed certificate installation instructions.

Checking the installation of your new certificate

After installing your new certificate, you should check that your installation is correct and providing the security you desire. We recommend using SSL Labs' SSL Server Test, which can analyse your site in detail and provide useful information to help you fix any problems. Some browsers automatically download intermediate certificates, so you may see different results in your browser from what SSL Labs will find. If your site isn't trusted, check under "Certification Paths". The SSL Server Test is very picky, so don't worry too much if your site doesn't get the highest score.


Last updated: 17 February 2021