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Falcon service definitions

  1. Managers of sites must abide by the ISC guidelines for Use and Misuse of Computing Facilities
  2. Support of Falcon is via the contact list, a schedule of regular training courses, the Falcon help site ( and, subject to staffing, a paid-for migration service, charged for at standard consultancy rates.
  3. Subject to staffing levels, will endeavour to answer queries received between 9.00 and 17.00, Monday-Friday within a working day. Queries may be dealt with outside these hours, or will be dealt with on the next working day.
  4. Managers of sites are responsible for acquiring a domain name for the site, which must be within They should liaise with their local IT support, or, for a domain name outside their institution, with the management of that domain or their relationship manager.
  5. Subject to staffing levels and for requests received before 15:00, development sites will be created overnight, on request and free of charge: requests received after 15:00 will be processed the following day. We expect that development sites will be completed and made available on a domain name (otherwise known as ‘going live’) within a year. If sites do not go live within a year we may request either the normal payment for a site or, if it is not being used, its removal.
  6. To request that a site ‘goes live’ on its domain name, mail to giving a minimum of 3 days notice. Since the process is reliant on both staffing levels and response from an outside authority the process may take longer than this but we will inform you if this is going to be the case.
  7. To cancel a site, either in development or a live site, mail to
  8. Payment for use of the Falcon service is on an annual basis, will be requested at the end of the month that the site has ‘gone live’ or after a year of development, and will be requested in successive years in the same month. If payment is not made the site may be removed.
  9. Site managers should request that add new managers for sites and remove from site access managers who no longer have that responsibility. If sites are left with no managers, the site is presumed abandoned and may be removed.
  10. Falcon sites are hosted on pairs of servers in separate locations within the University. In the event of loss of service at location, we can manually transfer sites to restore service
  11. The traffic to sites is reviewed and if required we can relocate sites  across servers to balance loads.
  12. Falcon is a shared service. Although there is no upper limited on the disk space allocated to each site, we expect sites to be 10GB or less.
  13. Backups of sites are taken daily and are retained for 14 days, access to which allows us to restore sites to a historical state if need be.
  14. Operating system software is patched on a regular basis or, if there are security issues, at the first opportunity after release of security fixes.
  15. If issues a security hotfix, server software is patched with the fix at the first opportunity.
  16. Falcon software will be updated to the current released version when it can be safely incorporated into the installation for new sites and to update current sites.

Last updated: 27 March 2015

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