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DS-Web allows you to publish simple web pages that are hosted on your DS-Filestore.

DS-Web allows you to publish personal and group webpages hosted on the DS-Filestore. This is set up initially with a simple main page, but you can edit, replace and add to it as your site develops. Some basic knowledge of HTML and web design is assumed in order to edit and update pages. If you wish to improve your web skills, we offer free courses aimed at both the beginner and the advanced user.

This facility is free and serves simple static pages. It does not offer dynamic scripting such as CGI, ASP and PHP. If you wish to have these functions on your site, you will need to use our paid-for service the Managed Web Service.

Accessing the filespace 

You can access your filespace by various methods from both inside and outside the University network. Detailed instructions can be found on accessing personal and group filespaces.

Publishing your site

Personal pages

handdrawn desktopYour webpage will be published at, where 'CRSid' is your username. Files must be placed in the public_html folder, and will be published to the web instantly.

Your webpage is associated with your CRSid, not your department or college, and so persists even if you move within the University. The address can therefore be used on business cards and other stationary, and also has the added benefit of having the domain. If you have another site and wish to set up a redirection this is also possible.

Group pages

Groups can request filespace by applying for or taking over management of group resource. After this has been processed, the group may publish pages at where 'groupid' is the group name agreed on set-up. Files for publication must be put in the public_html folder.

If you are a registered society, your DS-Web pages can be published under the domain. If you decide to move your web presence elsewhere, you can request a redirection. You can also request that your externally hosted site be listed on, but you must remove or rename the public_html folder. Please send all queries to the UIS Service Desk.

The group filespace must have at least one manager. If you're leaving the University, you should contact the UIS Service Desk before you leave and let us know who will be taking over.

Terms and conditions

All those publishing web pages must follow the Guidelines for Personal Web pages on UIS systems.

Further help

For all enquiries about DS-Web of the DS-Filestore, please contact the Service Desk.

UIS Service Status

Phone padded  Service status line: (01223) 463085
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Getting help

UIS Service Desk
General support queries

  Phone padded  (01223 7) 62999

UAS Service Desk
Administrative staff queries

  Phone padded  (01223 3) 32999

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