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Cambridge Computer Emergency Response Team (CamCERT)

CamCERT co-ordinates the response to IT security incidents and threats

Who are CamCERT?

CamCERT – the Cambridge Computer Emergency Response Team – is a team of IT security staff working for University Information Services. They have the following responsibilities:

  • To co-ordinate the response to security incidents, where required, at the University of Cambridge.
  • To monitor IT infrastucture and detect security incidents or problems.
  • To provide technical advice and assistance in IT security.
  • To improve IT security across the collegiate University.
  • To apply and where necessary, enforce, University policy in IT security.

CamCERT operates during normal UIS working hours, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Outside these times we offer a best endeavours response.

Contact CamCERT at: 01223 767077 or use the incident reporting form.

What does CamCERT do?

On a day to day basis CamCERT co-ordinates the response to security incidents in the University of Cambridge. We act as the UIS contact point for anyone in the University who finds that the security of a computer or account has been compromised. We liaise between departments, Colleges, the UIS and, where necessary, external organisations in order to provide support in response to security incidents. CamCERT also calls upon the services and expertise of other UIS teams such as Unix Support, Network Support and PC Support. Typical CamCERT activities include:

  • We provide advice for IT staff and students when investigating a security incident.
  • We issue alerts about new security threats.
  • We notify Institutions about vulnerable machines in their Institution, especially when a new security loophole has been announced.
  • We monitor CUDN traffic logs looking for evidence that indicates a security incident or issue has occurred, and report these to the local institution.
  • We co-ordinate with JANET-CSIRT.

 How can CamCERT help you?

Security incidents are an inevitable part of using IT and they occur every day at the University. CamCERT is specifically there to help general staff, students and IT staff with these incidents. CamCERT is contacted for a variety of reasons, some common examples are as follows:

  • To report a security incident, major or minor, at your institution. This is always of interest, even if the incident has been solved, as it adds to our awareness of current security issues at Cambridge.
  • To ask for technical advice regarding a virus\malware infection.
  • To check the authenticity of an usual email - is it spam or is it real?
  • To request an exemption from a University security policy.
  • To request information (e.g. traffic logs) to assist with a security incident.

CamCERT is a free service provided to all staff and students at the University (although we may refer you to your local IT staff if appropriate).

Getting help

UIS Service Desk
General support queries

  Phone padded  (01223 7) 62999

UAS Service Desk
Administrative staff queries

  Phone padded  (01223 3) 32999

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