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Who can use this software?

The University currently has a licence that covers a wide range of McAfee anti-virus products. Some of the more widely used products include:

  • McAfee Enterprise 8.8 (for use with all current versions of Windows).
  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (centralised anti-virus policy management, deployment and reporting over networks).
  • McAfee Endpoint Protection for Macintosh OSX

However, it can be assumed that if a product appears on our download pages it is included in our licence.

Staff and resident students of the University, and staff, fellows and students of the University's Colleges are licensed to use these products. Our licence also covers home use. If there is an Intel Security (McAfee) anti-virus product not mentioned on these pages, and you want to know if our licence covers that particular product please email the .

Note: Our licence does not cover the McAfee-At-Home product.

Getting help

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