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Configuring VirusScan

Currently we provide a configured version of VirusScan which is fairly unrestrictive version which can be downloaded by anyone and is aimed at the standalone or unmanaged user. However the settings in this configured version is not suitable for managed environments. Techlinks can configure and deploy their own version of VirusScan with much more restrictive settings. Your are strongly advised to configure your own more restrictive version for your managed systems. What follows is an outline of some of the possibilities.

As ever security is a balance between usability and safety. If you have managed systems, ones which only you have Administrative rights to, then you are already in a position where you can apply much more restrictive settings and the users shouldn't actually notice since they would not have the rights in the first place, however some settings can have a negative impact on normal administrative function. Any method available to adjust system settings or to install files are used by malware to infect systems.

Installation Designer

To configure your own more restrictive version you need a copy of Installation Designer. You can download a copy of Installation Designer from You need the version which relates to the current version of VirusScan, currently the file is


The following settings are available. This is not an exclusive list as blocking http communication seems a little excessive in most cases.

Antivirus Standard Protection

  • Prevent User rights policies from being altered
  • Prevent hijacking of .EXE and other executable extensions
  • Prevent Windows Process Spoofing

Antivirus Maximum Protection

  • Prevent svchost from executing non-Windows Execvutables
  • Prevent alteration on all file extension regisrations
  • Protect cached files from password and email address stealers

Common Standard protection

  • Protect Mozilla and Firefox files and settings
  • Protect Internet Explorer settings
  • Prevent installation of Browser helper objects and shell Extensions
  • Protect network settings
  • Prevent common programs from running files from the Temp folder

Common Maximum Protection

  • Prevent Programs registering to autorun
  • Prevent programs registering as a service
  • Prevent creation of new executable files in the Windows Folder
  • Prevent creation of new executable files in the Program Files folder
  • Prevent launching of files from the Downloaded Program Files folder

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