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PC anti-virus downloads (including Linux)

If you are within the Cambridge University domain ( or have a Raven account, choose the relevant link below. If you require a copy of the software and are unable to download from this page you should contact your local support staff who should be able to provide the software on a DVD or CD. For further information see Who can use this software?

Note: before downloading and installing this anti-virus software you should check with your local computer support personnel that there are no special anti-virus measures in place within your institution(e.g. ePolicy Orchestrator) which it may conflict with.

Note: server products are now made available through the TechLink Information & Downloads webpage.

McAfee Endpoint Threat Prevention 10.6 with Adaptive Threat Protection

Self-extracting zip file to install McAfee Endpoint Threat Prevention 10.6 (includes McAfee Agent, Endpoint Security Platform and Endpoint Security Threat Prevention modules) and McAfee Adaptive Threat Protection add-in. 

This version is compatible with Windows 10 1803

McAfee 10.6 install files


The self extracting zip file installs McAfee ENS 10.6 and the Adaptive Threat Protection add-in.

After installation is complete, right click the 'M' shield in the system tray and select McAfee Endpoint Security.
Click 'Adaptive Threat Protection' and make sure 'Enable Observer mode' is not checked, to obtain best protection.
Click Apply
Close the McAfee console.

Mandatory Hotfix for ENS 10.5.3

Download both zip files, extract contents and run setupEP_HF.exe to install hotfix 1 for ENS 10.5.3 followed by setupATP.exe to install hotfix 1 for ATP 10.5.3

McAfee 10.5.3 Hotfix 1 release notes


VirusScan Enterprise 8.8

VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 will work on ALL language versions of Windows.

WINDOWS 10 Creator Fall edition (version 1709), PLEASE NOTE:

McAfee Enterprise 8.8 needs Patch 10 at a minimum to make it Windows 10 Creator Fall edition compatible. You must install patch 10 prior to upgrading or use the full installer (available above) after upgrading.

WINDOWS 10 Creator edition (version 1703), PLEASE NOTE:

McAfee Enterprise 8.8 needs Patch 9 at a minimum to make it Windows 10 Creator edition compatible. You must install patch 9 prior to upgrading or use the full installer (available above) after upgrading.


McAfee Enterprise 8.8 needs Patch 6 at a minimum to make it Windows 10 compatible. You must install patch 6 or 7 (available below) prior to upgrading or use the full installer (available above) after upgrading.

Patches for VirusScan Enterprise

These patches include product improvements, updates and bug fixes and should be applied to all systems. You can use the searchable NAI knowledgebase to search for any specific issues you may have. The release notes are included in a TXT file in the patch ZIP file and this contains a full list of all improvements, updates and issues resolved. These patches are cumulative so only the latest patch will be offered below.

Agents for VirusScan Enterprise

Common Management Agents or just Agent are used for managing and updating VirusScan. Agents are updated periodically with code changes and bug fixes. The agent is used by the ePO and VirusScan updating mechanism so it is vital you have an up-to-date version. Otherwise ePO may not not work correctly and VirusScan may not update.

The version of the agent or CMA (as it is often referred to in McAfee documentation) may be checked by right-clicking on FrameworkService.exe (for 32bit versions normally found in C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework and for 64bit versions the path will start with C:\Program Files (x86)\) and clicking on Properties and then clicking on the Version tab (Windows XP) or Details tab (Windows 7 and 8).

Currently Enterprise 8.8 with Agent patch 7 contains agent 4.8, a version compatible with Patch 7 .

Agent 5.0.4 for Windows is available here

Update for other platforms are available in this folder:

VirusScan Command Line - (Version 6.0.5) - Including Linux/Unix versions

EXTRA DAT (Drivers/Definitions)

When an EXTRA.DAT file is posted it should placed in the same directory in which VirusScan is installed (where SCAN.DAT is) and the machine rebooted - see Working with EXTRA.DAT files. EXTRA.DATS are emergency measures and are made available from the Latest Virus Alerts page as they are issued against a specific virus threat.

SuperDATs (Engine/Drivers/Definitions)

The SuperDAT file that contains the latest engine upgrade and virus defintions can be found as sdat????.exe file in the SuperDAT files directory on the McAfee ftp server. The SuperDat File (Engine + DAT) allows you to update your VirusScan quickly and easily to the latest scan engine and virus defintions. Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation process.

Access to anonymous ftp sites is not permitted via Lapwing. To get the SuperDat file using lapwing go to and click on the SuperDATs tab

McAfee Avert Tools (RootKit Detective, Stinger etc)

McAfee provide a range of utilities to accomplish unique tasks that are not commonly encountered during typical use of their anti-virus products. They are maintained and made available for download from the McAfee website at

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