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Information Management is a new concept, and can be a confusing one to grasp. This page offers some frequently asked questions about IM and the IM Team.

Q. What is an IM Health Check?

An IM Health Check is where the UIS Information Management team come to you, and give you a helping hand.

It is not a tick box exercise, but it is where we review your policies, procedures, guidelines and records and give you recommendations and help you to get organised, secure & compliant.

Q. Where do I report an Information Management Incident?

All Information Management/security incidents should be reported using the Incident Management reporting tool.

If you would like to discuss this 'offline', please contact and we can meet up in person, or conduct a conversation over the telephone.

Q. Will I get anyone into trouble?

Information Management and Information Security sometimes are terms that scare people.

There is no need to worry. The major reasons we want to get reports are the following;

  • To keep the rest of the University informed of any incidents (These will be reported to the rest of the University annonomised) 
  • To help us provide targetted education to an ever changing threat. 
  • To keep records of the amount of incidents we have had within our communicity, and provide statistics on how we can make future improvements. 

We won't blame you for reporting an incident. What we will do is give you advice, help you formulate a report, and give you support in order to rectify procedures or processes.

All of this is in order to reduce the chances of it happening again. 

Q. Where can I get Information Management Education?

The UIS IM department runs an online learning forum, with education, discussion, and newsletter sections. 

Anyone with Raven Access can participate. Click here to access the forum.

If you do not have an Raven account, please email and we can arrange to give you access.

We also do Information Management Roadshows throughout the University.