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Passwords for UIS accounts

An overview of your UIS Password: what it is, how to get one and when to use it.

Your UIS Password – one password for many UIS services

The UIS Password was introduced in February 2014 to give you a common password to access many of the online services provided by UIS that are hosted within its single security domain, which is managed to very high security standards.

Your UIS Password currently gives you access to these online services:

  1. Raven  – the University's central web authentication service
  2. Hermes – the University's email service
  3. Desktop Services – (including the Managed Cluster Service (MCS), DS-Files and DS-Remote)
  4. High Performance Computing Service
  5. Managed Web Service
  6. Microsoft portal – access to your University Microsoft account including the Office 365 suite, and OneDrive for Business filestore
  7. Employee Self Service portal (Note: user authentication for this service is provided by iTrent, not Raven).
  8. Services using the University Active Directory (known as 'Blue') for user authentication.

Legacy passwords for Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services

If you joined the University before the combined UIS Password was introduced, you will have been issued with separate passwords for Raven authentication, Hermes email and your Desktop Services account (used for the Managed Cluster Service (MCS)). These passwords will continue to work until you change or reset one of them using the UIS Password Management Application, which will bundle them together into a new single sign-on UIS Password.

Create your common UIS Password >


Last updated: October 2017