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Password security

Your UIS Password protects your valuable personal data and many University systems provided by UIS. We manage the sytems within our secure domain to a very high security standard. Do not be the weak link in our system by using an insecure password, using the same password that you use for another online account or by giving your password away.

Don't be the weak link in our security chain – get serious about password security!

  • Create a strong UIS Password.
  • Do not re-use your UIS Password for any other online accounts you have (e.g. social media or online banking).
  • Never tell anyone your password, no matter how much you trust them – not even your local IT support, or the UIS Service Desk staff!

How can I change my UIS Password?

You can change your password at any time using the online UIS Password Management application. You will need to be able to log in using Raven. (If you have forgotten your password for Raven, see Forgotten Passwords.)

Change your UIS Password >


I think someone has discovered my password – what do I do?

If you think someone has discovered your password, or that your computing service account has been breached, you should:

  1. Immediately change your password
  2. Check all your University accounts for signs of misuse
  3. Report any suspected misuse to your local Computer Officer.
  4. If you have been the victim of an email phishing scam or malware attack, contact for advice.


Report serious security breaches to CERT

If you suspect serious misuse of any University systems, immediately report it to the University Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) by emailing