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How to collect your UIS accounts

Before you arrive in Cambridge, your College or institution will have applied for a UIS computing account for you. You will need to collect your account login details – your username (CRSid) and initial password, and your Cambridge email address – and then go on to create your own UIS Password.

New students – before you arrive in Cambridge

You can collect your UIS computing account and create your UIS Password before you arrive in Cambridge so you can access your @cam email and some private University resources. See:

Getting Started with IT @ Cambridge


New students and staff – when you arrive in Cambridge

If you are a new student or member of staff, your College or institution has pre-registered you for a UIS computing account. When you arrive in Cambridge, use a computer or kiosk connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) to collect your initial password here:


Applying directly for access to additional computing resources

If you need access to additional resources, you (or your college or institution) may apply directly by completing the Application for University Information Services Resources form. If granted, your password will be sent in a letter, via the University Messenger Service (UMS):

Download the 'Application for University Information Services Resources' form


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