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Forgotten passwords

How to reset your UIS Password, or your individual passwords for Raven, Hermes, Desktop Services (including the Managed Cluster Service (MCS)).

If you forget your single sign-on UIS Password, or your individual password for Raven

Example UCS Password Reset Token

If you forget your UIS Password or your password for Raven authentication, you will need to get a Password Reset Token. This will grant you one-time access to the UIS Password Management Application to create a new password.

Most colleges, departments and institutions have an Authorised Password Resetter who can issue you with a Password Reset Token. If yours does not, you can get one from the UIS Service Desk.

You will need to show proof of identity in the form of either your:

  • University card
  • Photo driving licence, or
  • Passport.

Note: We regret that, for security reasons, we are unable to give out Password Reset Tokens by phone, or to send them by email.


If you forget your individual Hermes or Desktop Services/MCS password

If you know your password for Raven, you can use the UIS Password Management Application to reset your individual passwords for Hermes or Desktop Services (including the MCS). Doing this will replace your existing passwords for Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services with one UIS Password to use for all three services.