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Problems logging in

Troubleshooting log-in issues

If you've forgotten your password

You will need to reset your UIS Password. Get a Password Reset Token from your local password resetter(s) or the UIS Service Desk.

If your password isn't working

If you think you know your password, but it isn't working, run through this quick checklist before seeking technical support:

  1. Does the system you are trying to access use Raven authentication?
    If it does, and you can log into other Raven-authenticated systems, the problem is with the system you are trying to access, not with your UIS Password. Contact the relevant Help Desk.
  2. Check for characters that look similar:
    e.g. 0 (number zero) and O (upper-case letter o), 1 (number one) and l (lower-case letter L).
  3. Passwords are case-sensitive. Check that the Caps Lock is off. The Caps Lock key usually has an indicator light on it that is toggled on/off.
  4. Try to log in using another machine, to rule out a faulty keyboard.
  5. You can test whether your UIS Password is working with Raven by using the password test page.

If it still doesn't work

You will need to reset your password. Get a Password Reset Token from your local computer officer, or the UIS Service Desk.