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User accounts and passwords

Information about your University-provided computing accounts, how to manage your UIS Password, and what to do if you forget it.

How to collect your UIS accounts

Before you arrive in Cambridge, your College or institution will have applied for a UIS computing account for you. You will need to collect your account login details – your username (CRSid) and initial password, and your Cambridge email address – and then go on to create your own UIS Password.

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Using your UIS accounts

General information about your University-provided computing accounts, acceptable use policy for IT services, and the University's software policy. 

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What is a CRSid?

Your Cambridge CRSid (Common Registration Scheme identifier) is a unique username issued by University Information Services (UIS). It is used to identify an individual on any online system managed by UIS, including Raven, Hermes and Desktop Services.

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Passwords for UIS accounts

An overview of your UIS Password: what it is, how to get one and when to use it.

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Password security

Your UIS Password protects your valuable personal data and many University systems provided by UIS. We manage the sytems within our secure domain to a very high security standard. Do not be the weak link in our system by using an insecure password, using the same password that you use for another online account or by giving your password away.

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Choosing your passwords

Advice on how to choose a strong, yet memorable, password.

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Forgotten passwords

How to reset your UIS Password, or your individual passwords for Raven, Hermes, Desktop Services (including the Managed Cluster Service (MCS)).

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What is a Password Reset Token?

A Password Reset Token is a single-use, time-limited code that is issued to an individual to allow them to reset their UIS Password (or individual passwords for Raven, Hermes or Desktop Services) using the UIS Password Management Application.

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Using a Password Reset Token

To reset your UIS Password (or individual Raven, Hermes or Desktop Services passwords) you will need a Password Reset Token from your local computer officer, or the UIS Service Desk.

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