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Using a machine configured for Cambridge elsewhere

If you can use the VPN service

Using the UIS VPN service allows your machine to appear to be on the CUDN. This means that you will not need to reconfigure other aspects of your computer. You will also retain access to CUDN-only web pages and services.

If you can't use the VPN service...

The tips below apply when you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get Internet access and you are not able to use the VPN service or eduroam.

  • If your machine is using the University DNS servers, you will need to reconfigure it to use those of your ISP.
    See documentation provided by your ISP for details.

  • Email access:
    • You should not have problems reading your email.

    • If your email application (e.g. Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook) is configured to use the Hermes SMTP server you should be able to continue to do so when you are away – see email application settings for Hermes to check your configuration.

      Note: Some ISPs have blocks that mean you will not be able to use Hermes to send mail. If you find this is the case,  you will need to reconfigure your computer to use your ISP's SMTP server (see your ISP's documentation for details). Some ISPs use secure authentication, but many do not, so you are likely to need to turn off security and authentication options for SMTP, and turn them on again when you are back in Cambridge.
  • Certain CUDN-only web pages (that do not use Raven authentication) services will not be available to you.