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Access from outside the University

How to access the University's online resources when you are not connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN)

If you are using your own computer or mobile device that has been configured for use around the university (i.e. when connected via the CUDN), you may need to reconfigure it.

If you are visiting another university, and want to connect your laptop via their wireless network, you will often be able to do so using eduroam (which you will need to set up before leaving Cambridge).

Security tip: If you will be logging in from a computer other than your own (e.g. Internet cafe, conference, hotel), consider temporarily changing your University password(s) for the duration of your travels. This will minimise the risk to your personal data if a public computer has been hacked with a keystroke logger.

Web access

Some University web pages and web-based facilities may be restricted, generally in one of two ways:

  • Many pages will require Raven web authentication. If you do not have, or cannot remember, your Raven password, please see the FAQ on How do I get a Raven password?
  • A few pages may be restricted to connections from the domain.  In this case your computer must appear to be on the Cambridge network and you will need to use the UIS VPN service.


Access to Cloud applications

Access to Office365 and DropBox should continue as usual.



  • The easiest way to access Hermes email when you are away is via Hermes Webmail.
  • If you prefer to use a different mail program, and are using your own machine configured for use in Cambridge it will work without adjustment.


Other systems

  • You may wish to transfer files to and from other Cambridge machines. Note that plain FTP (as distinct from secure FTP, SFTP) is blocked across the CUDN boundary apart from specific exceptions.
  • If the system requires your computer to appear to be on the Cambridge network you will need to use the UIS VPN service, or a local VPN service or similar if your Institution runs one.