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What to do when working away

These pages look at the areas you might like to consider when you are away from the University.

I won't need to access resources at Cambridge

If you know that you will not require any access to Cambridge facilities (including your email) during your absence you should set up a vacation message and also unsubscribe from, or suspend, any mailing lists. This will let people know not to expect an answer from you and will also reduce the risk of your email quota filling up with messages from mailing lists.

I will only need to get to my email

I will need to access various accounts, including restricted web pages and files

The page on Access from outside the University discusses various ways that you can do this.

I will be taking my own computer and/or mobile device with me

Note: if you wish to use eduroam or the UIS VPN service you will need to set these up before you leave Cambridge.

If you are taking your own machine away, and it is configured for the network here then check the pages on Access from outside the University and using a machine configured for Cambridge elsewhere.